• Bites

    • Oysters On-the-Half

      3 for $9

      fresh, local Lilliwaup 'Little Lily's,' honey & goathorn chili glacé   {df & gf}

    • Tarragon & Chive Deviled Eggs

      3 for $6

      hard-boiled egg halves, tarragon, chive & cream cheese yolk filling  {v & gf}

    • Bacon-Wrapped Dates

      5 for $12

      medjool dates, creamy chèvre, roasted almonds, smoked bacon  {gf}

    • Gorgonzola-Stuffed Mushrooms

      6 for $12

      crimini caps, gorgonzola, shallot, garlic, panko, wildflower honey, balsamic reduction  {v}

    • Spice Road Lettuce Wraps

      3 for $12

      italian/asian fused vegan larb (mushroom protein), bean sprouts, romaine leaves, wasabi aïoli  {v & df;  v+ if aïoli is omitted}

    • Street Tacos

      3 for $10

      seasoned pork, onion, cilantro, corn tortillas, lime, sriracha aïoli  {df & gf}

    • Lamb Pops

      3 for $15

      roasted, frenched lamb chops, rosemary-mint chimichurri  {df & gf}

    • Soup ~ Salad ~ Bread

    • Soup of the Day

      $4 cup / $7 bowl

      Consult your server or bartender for today's house-made soup selection.

    • Artisan Caesar


      head of romaine, house-made caesar dressing, shaved campo de montalban, house-made asiago crouton, anchovy fillets upon request  {gf if crouton is omitted ~ Caesar dressing contains anchovies}

    • Beet & Chèvre


      roasted beets, creamy chèvre, chive sticks, fried leeks, hojiblanca olive oil, sea salt  {v & gf}

    • Bleu Cheese Wedge


      romaine, apple-wood smoked bleu, heirloom grape tomatoes, bacon crumbles, house-made smoky bleu-bacon dressing  {gf}

    • Fresh-Baked Bread


      fresh-baked bread with herbed olive oil & balsamic ~ Consult your server or bartender for tonight's fresh-baked bread flavors.  {some breads are vegan (v+) while others are vegetarian (v) ~ consult your server}

    • Small Plates

    • Roasted Cauliflower


      oven-roasted cauliflower, bleu-ricotta shmear, pear, golden raisins  {v & gf}

    • Baked Brie


      french triple-cream brie, puff pastry, dark berry compote, fresh fruit, crackers  {v;  v & gf if gluten free crisps are substituted for crackers}

    • Italian Flatbread


      course chopped italian meats, vine-ripened tomato, provolone, basil cream sauce, na'an

    • Indian Butter Chicken


      tandoori-spiced chicken, slow-simmered butter tomato curry, basmati rice, chives, na'an

    • Roasted Vegetable Relleno


      fire-roasted pasilla chili, oven-roasted zucchini, crimini mushrooms, red onion, heirloom grape tomatoes and green chickpeas, queso oaxaca, creamy coconut polenta, cilantro-chickpea smear   {v & gf;  v+ & gf if cheese is omitted}

    • Napoleon of Vegetables


      grilled eggplant, roasted squash, heirloom tomatoes, roasted crimini mushrooms, french double-cream brie, tomato-cabernet sauce  {v & gf;   v+ & gf if brie is omitted}

    • Camarones Submarinas


      jumbo prawns, garlic, fire-roasted chilies, pepper-jack, crema al cumino, crostini

    • Shared

    • Cheddar-Rosemary Fondue


      sharp cheddar, rosemary, cream, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms & toasted bread {v ~ fondue cheese contains small amounts of flour}

    • Fried Caper & Lemon Hummus Platter


      house-made fried caper and lemon hummus, cucumber, marinated carrots, antipasti olive mix, goathorn chili peppers, dolmas, na'an  {v;   v+ & gf if gluten-free crisps are substituted for na'an}

    • Salmon Gravlax Platter


      fresh, house-cured king salmon lox, pickled medjool dates, shaved red onion, anise cream cheese, crostini  {gf if gluten-free crisps are substituted for crostini}

    • Meat & Cheese Antipasti Platter


      cured meats, artisan cheeses, seasoned & roasted almonds, imported olives, sweet peppers, cornichons, smoked garlic aïoli, african mustard, crackers  {gf if gluten-free crisps are substituted for crackers}

    • Mains

    • Beef Brisket


      rubbed and slow-roasted beef brisket, demi-glace, fried leeks, russet plank, vegetable  { df & gf }

    • Rack of Lamb


      oven-roasted lamb, tart cherry-stoneground mustard glaze, roasted tri-color potato mosaic, vegetable  { df & gf }

    • King Salmon


      fresh baked king salmon, roasted tri-colored potato mosaic, vegetable  { df & gf }

    • Peppered Shrimp Alfredo


      linguini, red prawns, parmesan-black pepper alfredo, garlic crostini

    • Smoked Salmon Caesar


      house-smoked king salmon, head of romaine, shaved campo de montalban, house-made caesar dressing drizzle, house asiago croutons, anchovy filets available upon request  { gf if crouton is omitted ~ Caesar dressing contains anchovies }

    • Sweets

    • Hatted Red Velvet


      red velvet cake, mascarpone mousse, baked meringue, brandied cherries  { v }

    • Chocolate Fondue


      belgian dark chocolate, cream, house-made cookies, fresh fruit, house-made marshmallows

    • Baked Caramel Apple Crisp


      local apples, caramel, chai-spiced almond & honey crisp  { v & gf }

      a la mode with vanilla or maple nut icea cream +$3

    • Creme Brulee


      traditional vanilla custard, burned sugar { v & gf }

    • Gourmet Ice Cream


      Choice of vanilla or maple nut ice cream.  { v & gf }

    • Gourmet Sorbet


      Consult your server or bartender for today's sorbet flavors. { v+ & gf }


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