• Sweets

    • Fresh Baked Fruit or Nut Pie | 7 a la mode | 9

      award-winning fresh local Blue Ribbon (Olympia, WA) pie, consult for today's flavors

      a la mode with vanilla salted caramel or chocolate espresso chip ice cream or seasonal sorbet

      (fruit pies are v+, nut pies are gf, ice creams are v & gf, sorbet is v+ & gf)

    • Chocolate Fondue | 10

      belgian dark chocolate, cream, house-made cookies,
      fresh seasonal fruit, house-made marshmallows  (v)

    • Pumpkin Spice Cake | 10

      pumpkin spice petit fours, cream cheese mousse, baked meringues, maple-amaretto syrup, chopped walnuts    (v)

    • Rustic Apple Tart | 9

      local apples, smoked bleu cheese gratin, serrano-honey glace', pastry crust  (v)

    • Olympic Mountain Ice Cream & Sorbet | 6

      your choice of Olympic Mountain (Shelton, WA) vanilla salted caramel or chocolate espresso chip ice cream or seasonal sorbet  (ice creams are v & gf and sorbet is v+ & gf)

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